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RESHI Dietary Supplement Products

RESHI or RESHI mushroom is extensively used in Chinese medicine. It is placed in the highest rank of Chinese medicine, and is used as a nutritional supplement and for ailments such as high blood pressure. Moreover, RESHI also toning and cleansing the inner-body environment by detoxication and expelling unwanted substances POLA has discovered that the RESHI mushroom activates the immune system in the digestive tract area with the ingredients details bellows; GREEN TEA CATECHIN: prevent toxic substances from the being absorbed into the body with the chelate effect. As the chelate agents and toxics are not absorbed from the intestine. …


GINKGO and GINGER can promote heighten the functions of the brain and eyes, which are full of capillary vessels. POLA discovered smooth blood circulation creates vibrant and brightening facial complexion. Having a healthy blood texture and circulation throughout the blood is essential for a healthy blood and skin with the ingredients details bellows; Ginkgo extract: help to promote heighten the functions of the brain and eyes, which are full of capillary vessels. Ginger Extract: help to promote blood circulation Usage: take 2 tablets per day with water or lukewarm water Storage condition: Store away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight.

Royal Jelly and Dietary Supplement Products

Royal jelly, also called “BEE MILK” in English name. This milky-white special nutrient is create from the nectar and pollen consumed by young worker bee and provided only to the queen bee. The queen grows consuming this royal jelly exclusively, resulting in her producing two thousand eggs a day and living 40 times longer than an average worker bee. Effects of Royal Jelly Beauty and rejuvenating effects; It contains amino acids that become ingredients of skin cells, and many of Vitamin B groups that maintain suppleness of skin; also contains a substance that resembles to sex hormone, and shows the …